Useful travel gifts for every budget

Useful Travel Gifts for Every Budget

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**This list of useful travel gifts contains affiliate links which means that we may earn a small commission if you purchase an item through our links. This helps us run our site but costs you nothing, so thank you!

As travel addicts we have our fair share of travel accessories, gadgets, and equipment. Yet we always seem to need more, or at least we want more! With the holidays upon us and gift-giving just around the corner, we thought it would be helpful to come up with a list of the most useful travel gifts for every budget. These gift ideas would also be great for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, or any other occasion when you would like to give someone who travels a gift they would love and use. Our list will include gift ideas for everyone from frugal budget travelers to extravagant luxury travelers.

You may be thinking that you don’t know any hard-core travelers, but in reality aren’t we all travelers? Even if our only trips are a few hours away to Grandma’s house, we still could benefit from road trip gifts like iPads to keep the kids entertained or noise-cancelling headphones so we don’t lose our minds over the 100th time we hear “Are we there yet?” Whether you know an occasional traveler, frequent business or pleasure traveler, or a full-time world traveling nomad, we have gift ideas that will knock their socks off.

We racked our brains to come up with the most thorough list you can find of useful travel gifts that every traveler wants or needs. Then we decided to ask for ideas from the experts- other travel bloggers- for more of the best travel gifts. Not surprisingly, we came up with a lot of the same ideas. Great minds think alike ;). If you want to make that special someone who likes to travel happy when they open your gift, get some inspiration from our exhaustive list. While you’re shopping, you may as well grab that extra little something special for yourself as well. You know, like those wine bottle travel safe bags¬†(we seriously need these!) or that Louis Vuitton luggage you’ve been eyeing all year. Hey, you’re worth it! YOLO!

So here is our list of practical (or sometimes downright lavish) travel gifts that everyone on your holiday shopping list will hope you buy them. Santa, we’ll talk later about which items are on our wish list. We’ve been extra nice this year. Oh and my dear hubby, I really would LOVE a Michael Kors travel tote before our next vacation. Hint hint. ūüėČ Here’s what it looks like.

To make this gift list even more helpful for you, we’ve added links to Amazon for all the products we’ve mentioned. That way, if you see something that you know your beloved traveler would go crazy over, you can easily purchase it on the spot or save it to your shopping cart until your cash flow is right.

Gift an Amazon Prime membership

We are huge fans of Amazon and have an Amazon Prime membership, which means free 2-day shipping and free returns on tons of eligible items. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial here. If you’re like us and end up relying on Amazon for a majority of your holiday shopping, now is the perfect time to start this free trial. Amazon prime costs $99 per year but is totally worth it for all the shipping costs you save. We also love it for free movie and TV episode streaming. You can even gift an Amazon prime membership¬†to the traveler on your shopping list. Click here to Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime, either one year for $99 or 3 months for $33. It may be just the gift you need for that person on your shopping list who already has everything.

Make the most out of this list

Ladies, if your man never has any idea what kind of gifts to buy you, we have a not-so-subtle suggestion. I (Alexis) don’t want to sound sexist or to stereotype, so this could just as easily apply to the fellas out there. Feel free to print this list out, highlight what you want, and leave it on your nightstand where he (or she) may happen to see it. Or if you think he (or she) still won’t get the hint, you could always create an amazon wish list and send it to him/her. Heck, if he/she still doesn’t get it, you may as well buy it for yourself, wrap it up, and put it under the tree with a label from him/her. That’s basically what I do for myself every Christmas. Sometimes I even forget what I bought myself and actually get surprised when I open my gifts.

Now for the drumroll please….here it is ladies and gentlemen…the gift wish list for people who love to travel. Not just any gift, though. Give them something that they will actually use and love. We have inexpensive options as well as splurges for you big spenders. Now go start your holiday shopping and remember to put a little something or two in the cart for yourself! Read to the bottom of this post to learn how you could win a luxury travel gift!

Most useful travel gifts: Luggage

Luggage is one of the most practical travel gifts. No matter how much we try to protect our luggage from the dings, dents and destruction caused by the airlines, we almost always end up with damage to our bags on vacation. Investing in quality luggage will help your luggage last longer, protect its contents, and make traveling easier. Here are our suggestions for the best luggage to gift the traveler in your life.

Carry-on suitcase

Arzo from Arzo Travels recommends a Samsonite spinner carry-on suitcase. She said “If you are looking for a carry-on luggage I highly recommended to go for a Samsonite item. The brand does produce high-quality products but the prices are still acceptable and offer good value for money.¬†If you choose your luggage piece definitely pick a spinner – a luggage with four wheels. It makes it much easier to travel (I cannot believe how people used to travel and still travel without a four-wheel-luggage!) – gone are the times where I had to lift heavy items which got exhausting. So it does not come as a surprise that it is something I would never want to miss again (yes, it is a perfect present)!”

Here is Arzo’s pick for a carry-on that will be easy to spot in bright orange!

Large spinner suitcase

We aren’t the kind of travelers who can go on a 2-week vacation with just a carry-on. Believe me, I wish we were, but it will probably never happen. We take too much stuff with us. We need large suitcases, like ones big enough to hold our DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter drone so we can capture epic drone shots of Iceland. We’ll get back to that later, but here’s our recommendation for a large suitcase that’s priced in the mid-range. The Samsonite 29 inch 4 Wheeled Spinner¬†goes for less than $200 on Amazon. It has great reviews and offers good value for the money. Or go big and gift a whole set of luggage. Show someone just how deep your love runs! A luggage set makes a wonderful graduation gift, which is what my mom gave me when I graduated high school. I was still using that set on my honeymoon, so it was a very useful gift. Here’s a great choice from Samsonite as well as a budget option which also has good reviews.

Luxury travelers, we have something high-end for you. We found this suitcase on amazon during our research for this post and it’s now on our wish list. The Briggs & Riley Torq Extra Large Spinner¬†comes with a lifetime guarantee that even covers airline damage. It’s expensive, yes, but with a lifetime guarantee it would surely save you money over the long run. I mean, take a look at this thing. It looks indestructible. Santa, let’s talk.


We aren’t backpackers, but do like to carry a backpack on as our personal item for plane rides. Backpacks are a much better choice than a purse for the peronsal item because they can hold so much more. There are so many options, but here’s a few of the Amazon best-sellers which have good reviews and good prices. We also have been hearing travelers rave about their anti-theft backpacks, so we’ve included that too.

Camera Bag

We have a lot of camera equipment thanks to Bertaut’s obsession with having the latest and greatest and his seemingly endless supply of Best Buy reward points. We want to protect our expensive equipment when we’re traveling. We have the Think Tank Airport Takeoff V2.0 Rolling Backpack to carry on our camera equipment. This bag can either be worn as a backpack or be pulled on its wheels. It holds¬†up to a 400mm f/2.8, two standard bodies and other assorted lenses. The front pocket can hold up to a 17 ” laptop and a 10″ tablet. Our Think Tank Airport Takeoff V2.0 organizes and protects our gear. It’s a great gift option for the luxury traveler and photographer in your life. We searched Amazon for some budget-friendly options since our camera bag is on the high end. Here are some options to consider for every budget.


Luggage identification and protection

Luggage Tracking Device

We’ve probably all been in the unfortunate position of having our luggage lost by the airlines. It is not fun, but it happens a lot. Be prepared with luggage tracking devices that help you find your luggage with GPS. There’s GPS luggage tags, tiles to place in your luggage, and more. Check out some of the best options for luggage tracking to help you find your bag when it gets lost. We wish we had these on past trips when our luggage was lost for almost a week!

TSA locks

It is extremely important to lock your checked luggage when traveling so you aren’t victim to theft (like when our drone was stolen from our luggage). Any old lock won’t do. They must be TSA- approved locks if you are flying so that TSA agents can unlock them if needed. There’s a red button to indicate if your bags were searched, which is nice to know. TSA locks are a must-have item for travel. This inexpensive gift could save someone hundreds of dollars or more and save them from the hassle of dealing with luggage theft. We wish we would have spent $20 on TSA locks before our luggage nightmare last year. That simple step would’ve saved us hours on filling out forms, filing a police claim, and following up with the airline. It was a total nightmare!

Luggage covers

We learned so many things from our nightmare luggage experience last year. Another thing we learned was to use waterproof luggage covers on our checked bags. Our luggage was left out on the tarmac overnight in the snow, so when we received it, everything was soaking wet. We actually had luggage covers on all our bags, but they were not waterproof, so they didn’t help. All of our clothing and shoes were wet and some expensive electronics were damaged. It was terrible! Protect yourself from this happening with waterproof luggage covers. Pick bright patterns to help you identify your luggage easily on the conveyer belt. That also helps when tracking down lost luggage if you can tell them to look for the hot pink camouflage suitcases. Here are some options to consider. If you love the look of your luggage, go with clear luggage covers. Make sure to get a whole set so all your luggage matches.

Camera equipment

When we travel, we take thousands of photos to remember our vacations (like these iconic photos of Cuba). Photography is also something we enjoy, like many people who travel. A traveler needs quality camera equipment to take great photos. When it comes to travel photography equipment, the sky is the limit. I mentioned that Bertaut has a growing collection of camera equipment, so we have tried a lot of different products. Here’s our best suggestions for gifts that will really show someone how much you love them! Yes, items in this category can get expensive. However, it is the gift that keeps giving since photos capture priceless memories that last a lifetime. So cliche, but true. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Our camera is our most prized travel item. Even before we had a blog, we loved capturing images of the places we visited with our family. In fact, we received a camera as a gift from my grandparents when we first got married, and that was one of our best gifts ever. We’ve upgraded our camera quite a bit from those days. No matter the photography level or budget, a camera makes a very useful travel gift. If you are planning to buy someone a camera, we recommend talking to them first to make sure you buy something they will like. A camera can be a very personal item, so you want to make sure it fits, so to speak.

We use a DSLR camera but know travelers who use a mirrorless camera. We have been using the Canon EOS Rebel T6 for a few years. We have been upgrading each time a new version comes out so we’ve tried every version since T2. We love these cameras because they are so easy to use, even for a beginner. They take fabulous photos especially when you invest in quality lenses. Bertaut just purchased the Canon EOS 80D so we can’t wait to see how amazing it is. Here are links for some of the options to consider, depending on your needs and budget. We included some Nikons which is another favorite brand among photographers, although we’ve always used Canon. The Sony Alpha is a mirrorless camera to consider, which is lighter than DSLRs.


A tripod is an often-overlooked travel necessity. We didn’t used to travel with one but got tired of asking people to take our photo and then not liking how it turned out. A tripod helps you get great photos of your family or yourself every time. It’s also a necessity for capturing photos with a slow shutter speed. Tripods can be used for anything from a cell phone to a professional DSLR camera, so find one that will work for the camera it will be mounting. We use the Joby GorillaPod for our 360 degree camera but have a taller sturdier tripod for our heavy DSLR camera. Don’t cheap out on a tripod because if heavy winds knock it over, your camera could be damaged. Check out these tripods that would make a great gift. A tripod is classier than a selfie-stick, don’t you think? ūüėČ ¬†No judging here though, we’ve used a selfie stick too.

GoPro Camera

We don’t travel without our GoPro camera. We’ve attached it to our helmets while ziplining in Costa Rica, used it for underwater photos and video in the Maldives, attached it to the front of our car to capture the scenery during road trips, and more. It makes a fantastic gift for travelers, especially for adventurous and sporty types who can attach it to their helmets while jumping out of a plane or wear it while volcano boarding in Nicaragua (we wanted to do that but sadly didn’t have time). The GoPro Hero 6 is the newest and most expensive version, but there are other options for every budget.

360 Degree Camera

Bertaut’s newest toy is his 360 degree camera. He has the Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera pictured first below, which is on luxury end of the price range. For an even bigger splurge, gift the Ricoh Theta V which records 4K videos. We have had so much fun playing with this thing on vacation. We use it to take photos and videos, like when we were ATV’ing through Costa Rica. We’ve shown a few other options that are less expensive if the Ricoh Theta is beyond your budget.


The hottest thing in travel photography right now is having a drone. We’ve had one for several years and cannot imagine going on vacation without one now. You can send your drone up into the sky and take phenomenal aerial photos, like these beautiful drone photos of Iceland. You can also take amazing videos that will blow your family and friends away with your mad skills. Drones are a must-have for anyone who loves photography, or even techies who want the newest gadget.

We started out with the DJI Phantom 3, which we lost in the Maldives. That’s a funny story, so read about what happened to our drone in the Maldives here. We then got the DJI Phantom 4, which we are still using. It is great for conditions like strong winds so you won’t lose it into the ocean or get it stuck in a tree. Bertaut now also has the DJI Mavic Pro, which is our favorite because it is compact and easy to pack. This drone is perfect for travelers because it packs up so small you can carry it in your purse or backpack. Once you go Mavic, you won’t go back. ūüėČ Nonetheless, you can get older models of the Phantom for much less which are still excellent drones. If you can afford it, though, we highly recommend the Mavic Pro.

Power bank

Craig from Vagabond Disposition¬†raves about power banks, and we totally agree. Here’s what he had to say- “Power banks have got to be the most useful, convenient, and practical gadgets in the world of backpacker travel. On long-haul flights, bus rides, trains, and ferries, these things are an absolute godsend for keeping your phone or tablet alive for hours and hours on end. They come especially in handy after your long-haul journey is finished, ensuring that your device is charged when you need to find directions to where you are going or pull up hotel/hostel confirmation to check in. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my power bank has saved me from total insanity! With that being said, a power bank makes an excellent holiday gift for the avid traveler.”

This was at the top of our list too as luxury travelers. Our power bank is also one of our most practical and necessary travel gadgets. We don’t ever leave home without it, even when we’re not traveling. Here are a few options at different price points.

Travel speakers

Kelly and Sean of A Pair of Passports recommend gifting travel speakers. “There are so many functional AND stylish travel speakers out there that they are perfect for using both at home and on the road. After getting our Bayan Audio travel speakers last year, we always have them plugged in and playing our music at home. Then, when we hit the road, they come with us and entertain us in our hotel room, on the beach, and even on the mountain! The best travel speakers to gift are ones that are about the size of a clutch bag (or smaller) and have incredible battery life, so the traveler in your life is never without a little background music!” Here’s their review of ¬†Bayan Audio Portable speakers.


We are Apple fans who have iPhones, an iPad for the kids, and an iPad Pro for the blog. We love our iPad Pro and use it on the road all the time. Another option is the iPad mini, which is much smaller and less expensive. The iPad mini would be a fantastic gift for families that travel with young children to keep them entertained during road trips or long flights. Our kids love to play games, doodle, and watch ABC Mouse during our vacations on their iPad. Having them quiet and occupied gives us peace of mind. A cheaper alternative is the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. Whatever you spend, this gift really is priceless for families with kids!

Travel laptop

Natasha and Cameron of The World Pursuit¬†recommend gifting a travel laptop. “One of the best gifts you can get a traveler is a travel laptop! Whether your intention for the receiver is to work or play on the laptop they are always useful when traveling. A good travel laptop will be light, powerful, and have a long battery life. The smaller the better as any traveler will want to save on weight on size in their luggage. I personally recommend the 13 inch MacBook Pro. However Apple products are always expensive, so if you are on a budget then consider Asus products as well. An extra battery as a gift never hurts either! When you are traveling it can be very hard to stay charged on the go.”

Will Hatton of The Broke Backpacker also offers his top picks for travel laptops. “The Lenovo Idea Pad 110S is the best budget laptop around for travellers who don’t want to spend a fortune. The Lenovo is one of the best ultra lightweight laptops and has 9 hours of battery life. The performance is good enough for web surfing, editing documents, and viewing movies. The keyboard and touchpad‚Äôs quality, however, is less than subpar. Overall, this is a cheap laptop and the best travel laptop for the minimal traveller, who wants to stream online and run basic programs. The Lenovo is probably not adequate for anybody who needs to work online though. The best overall laptop for digital nomads is, without a doubt, the Macbook Pro, with cutting edge technology, a long battery life and a kick ass sound system, it’s hard to beat.”

So the consensus is that MacBook Pro is the way to go if you can afford it. We also splurged on one of these this year and are huge fans. Here are the ones recommended, depending on your budget.

Wi-fi SD Card

Clemens of Travelers Archive recommends Wi-Fi SD cards. “Wi-Fi SD Cards are a great idea for those who take tons of photos when travelling and for those who want to share them on social media immediately. Once you have the Wi-Fi SD Card connected to your device, it will transfer image files to it on the spot.” She recommends the Toshiba Flash Air III Wireless SD memory card 16GB.

Plug adaptors

Anyone who travels internationally needs plug adaptors for their electronics. It’s not a bad idea to have a few sets in case you accidentally leave one behind, which we’ve done a few times.

Clothing and Shoes

There are certain clothing items every traveler needs to be comfortable during their vacation. Here’s our round-up of the best clothing gifts you can give someone who likes to travel to keep them stylish yet cozy.

Wool socks

Scott and Haley of International Hotdish¬†say this- “As a traveler, you’re on your feet a lot! Whether your hoofing it through jungles or hiking up mountains, your feet take a beating. The best way to keep them happy and healthy is with high quality wool socks. “What about cheaper cotton socks,” you ask? Hikers have a saying, “Cotton kills.” Don’t get cotton socks.¬†These wool socks will keep your feet warm when it’s cold, keep your feet cool when it’s hot, and wick away moisture. Plus they last way, way longer than cotton.¬†Oh, and they’re made in Brooklyn, USA. Plus, 4 pairs for $25?! That’s an amazing deal!”

Here’s their favorite wool socks.

Winter boots

If traveling during the winter or to cold climates, a good pair of winter boots is essential. I (Alexis) bought the Columbia boots below before our winter trip to Iceland, and they were a godsend. They kept my feet toasty and dry even when walking through waterfalls, exploring glaciers, and venturing on the snowy black sand beaches in Iceland. Here are some quality winter boots for him or her that will keep their feet feeling warm and comfy, even if they travel to Iceland in the winter.

Versatile flat shoes

We do a ton of walking on our travels, like when we logged 30,000 steps in one day while checking out the highlights of Budapest. Wearing comfortable yet stylish shoes is essential. We also want shoes that are versatile enough to wear out to dinner after walking around a new city all day. Here are some of the best shoes for traveling, from frugal finds to extravant splurges.

All season coat

When traveling long-term or traveling from one climate to another, an all-season coat is a must-have. These coats can take you from the hiking trails in the tropical forests of Costa Rica to cold mountain tops in Whistler, British Columbia. Here are the best all season coats for traveling.


Solid shampoo and perfume

Packing little 3 oz bottles of shampoo in your carry-on can be such a hassle. What’s worse is when your favorite perfume bottle is over 3 oz but you’re traveling with carry-on only. My brother-in-law once had to throw an entire bottle of his cologne out during a security checkpoint because it was 4 oz. He was so upset because he had just bought it, and it was expensive. Our solution- solid perfume and shampoo. Lush makes a solid shampoo that travelers love. I have some solid perfume that I keep in my cosmetic bag for traveling so I don’t have to worry about how many ounces it is. Here are wonderful options for solid shampoo and perfume.

Hydrating face cream

If you’ve ever taken a long flight, you know how incredibly dry your skin feels during and after the flight. That’s why the swag bags given in first class flights usually contain some luxury beauty products like hydrating face cream and moisturing mask. If you’re not getting some on the plane, make sure to bring your own so that your face won’t feel like leather by the end of the flight.

Packing help

Digital luggage scale

Weighing your luggage prior to arriving at the airport is so important. It is essential to avoiding overweight luggage fees or embarrassing shuffling of clothing at the last minute as everyone impatiently waits for you to move on. A digital luggage scale makes weighing your bags so much easier than stepping on a scale and subtracting your body weight. Plus, it is small enough that you can take it with you to weigh your bags before your return flight.

Packing cubes

We love traveling but hate packing for our vacations. It is always so hard to decide how many outfits to bring and if we have enough space for those extra pairs of shoes. You get the picture. Packing cubes make packing easier by allowing you to fit more clothes into a smaller space and to keep everything organized.

Travel shoe bags

Don’t forget travel shoe bags to keep your heels from snagging your favorite dress or to keep dirt off your clothing. They are also helpful for organizing your luggage.

Document Organization and Protection

If you’re ever misplaced your passport while traveling, you know that feeling of panic. Keep your important travel documents organized in one place so you don’t ever lose anything. It also not a bad idea to get a money belt or bra stash to hide important documents when needed.


Reading for pleasure is a luxury I don’t often get to indulge as a parent of 2 young children. However, vacations are the perfect time to read a good book on the beach or while on a long haul flight or train ride. Kindles make reading on the road so much easier. You don’t have to lug around a stack of books. You can carry as many as you have time to read in one small kindle.

Rosetta Stone

If traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language, it’s a good idea to learn some basics before your trip. Rosetta Stone is known as one of the best ways to learn a foreign ¬†language without enrolling in an official course. Does your best friend have a vacation to Paris on her bucket list? Get her a Rosetta Stone so she can learn some French to prepare for her trip.

Travel journal

Help your traveler remember their vacation by giving a travel journal. I started keeping a travel journal when I was a teenager and love going back and reading them. It truly takes me back to those vacations as I recall all the little details that I jotted down during my trips.

Watch with extra features

Apple Watch GPS

A watch always makes a nice gift, but go the next level with the series 3 Apple watch which features built in GPS. We would love one of these! Link it up with your iPhone and you don’t even have to pull out your phone to see who is calling you or read text messages. This watch is perfect for travelers.


We walk a lot during our travels and love to see how many steps and miles we walked at the end of our day. It motivates us to get more exercise and also helps us justify that extra glass of wine or dessert after a long day of walking.

In-flight necessities

Neck pillow

We try to fly first class or business class (with points/miles) whenever possible, but sometimes we fly economy and need a good neck pillow to get some sleep on long flights. We hate waking up and having a stiff neck. A good neck pillow can make a long flight so much more comfortable and manageable.

Yeti water bottle

We had heard people raving about Yeti tumblers for years before we got our own. Yeti is amazing. It keeps our drinks cold (or warm) all day long. For people flying budget airlines that don’t provide free drinks in flight, a travel water bottle is a great way to save money. Fill it up in the airport after passing through security. Or for outdoors types, take your Yeti hiking or camping.

Noise-cancelling headphones

James from Worldwide Shopping Guide recommends his favorite headphones. “The phrase ‚Äúyou get what you pay for‚ÄĚ probably applies to headphones, and in particular noise-cancelling headphones, more than anything else.

The Bose QC35 are more expensive than most other pairs of noise-cancelling headphones, but they’re the only pair of headphones that really do what they set out to do: cancel out background noise.

Travelers come into contact with so much background noise: on long-haul flights, buses, cafes, and in noisy hostels and hotels. A decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones can transform anyone of these noisy situations into a relaxing, tranquil experience. This is one gift that you’re definitely going to get thanked for – again and again!”

Memberships for travelers

Priority Pass

We love our Priority passes, which we got free with our American Express Platinum cards. We gain access to VIP lounges all across the world. Sometimes we just grab a glass of wine or a quick snack while using the free wifi. Other times we eat a full meal and take a shower before boarding our next flight. It has saved us tons of money on airport drinks and food and makes our travels so much more comfortable. Gift someone a Priority Pass membership and they will love you forever. Memberships range from $99 to $399 per year.

Leading Hotels of the World Membership

If you know a luxury traveler, they need a Leading Hotels of the World membership. We have stayed in some incredible luxury resorts for free thanks to our LHW membership. Check out our stay at Le Sirenuse on the Amalfi Coast for free in a $1900/night suite thanks to LHW. A Leaders Club membership costs $150 for one year and is worth every penny. Stay 5 nights in a LHW and earn a free night. You also get free breakfast for two and many other perks like discounts on car rentals and trains. We’ve saved thousands of dollars with our membership. Read below to find out how you can win a membership from us! It’s our holiday giveaway so don’t miss out on your chance to win.

Holiday Giveaway!!!

One lucky reader will win a LHW Membership ($150 value) from us. Or if you don’t want it for yourself, we can give it to someone of your choosing. To enter, first sign up for our email newsletter here. Then share this post and tag everyone who you think would want something from this list for themself or someone they know. The more social media shares and people you tag, the more chances to win! We will select and notify the winner on January 1st 2018 to get someone’s year off to a great start.


Conclusion of useful travel gifts for every budget

If you’ve read to the end, wow we’re impressed because this was a long post! Thanks for staying with us and we hope that you’ve found some gift ideas for the travelers in your life. Whether its a $10 stocking stuffer for the holidays or a $1000 camera for a wedding gift, we gave you ideas for every budget that travelers will actually use and love. Now go shop and get that special someone who loves to travel the gift of their dreams!

Remember to sign up for our email newsletter for more travel tips and inspiration to travel the world as step 1 for our holiday giveaway . Then share this post on social media and tag as many friends as you think would appreciate it for more chances to win our holiday giveaway of a year-long Leading Hotels of the World Leaders Club membership.

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Useful Travel Gifts for every Budget

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