JAL 777 First Class in 10 Photos

JAL 777 First Class in 10 photos

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We flew JAL 777 First Class with our children from New York to Tokyo for only $18 in taxes/surcharges and 70,000 Alaska Airlines miles per person. Japan Airlines impressed us with outstanding hospitality and attention to detail in the First Class cabin. The 14+ hour flight felt like a breeze thanks to the exceptional service, luxurious first class suites, delicious food, premium drinks, and excellent in-flight entertainment. Japan Airlines pampers its guests in First Class on the lovely Boeing 777-300ER. If you’re wondering what to expect on JAL 777 in First Class, here’s a quick glimpse with 10 of our best photos from our fantastic flight. Come back soon for a thorough review of our flight with many more photos and details, as well as more juicy details about how we scored this flight for just $18 per person!

JAL 777 First Class Cabin

The First Class cabin on Japan Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER is small with only 2 rows of 4 suites, totalling only 8 suites. The flight attendants don’t have to take care of many other guests so have plenty of time to tend to your every need.  They will devote their attention to you like you are rich and famous. Shhhhh don’t tell them if you only spent $18 for your flight. 😉 Although they won’t mind, they’ll still treat you like royalty.

Japan Airlines Boeing 777-330ER First Class Cabin

JAL 777 First Class Cabin

JAL First Class Suite

The first class suites on JAL’s Boeing 777-300ER are splendidly comfortable and spacious. The seats are much larger and wider than some of the other first class seats out there. They are big enough that I comfortably laid on the bed with my 2 children for some cuddles and movie time during our long flight. We tried this on another airline during our return flight (Saudia review will come later on the blog), but the seats were not big enough to be comfortable. So if you are a giant (like Bertaut) or large in any way, fear not. You will be extremely cozy in your first class suite on JAL 777.

JAL 777 First Class suite

JAL First Class Suite on Boeing 777-300ER

$500 Champagne in JAL First Class

Japan Airlines doesn’t skimp when it comes to treating their first class guests like VIPs. We enjoyed Salon Champagne during our flight, which costs up to $500 per bottle. Now that’s one very warm welcome to JAL! Cheers to the most expensive champagne we’ve ever sipped! It truly does taste phenomenal. I could really go for a glass right now. 😉 I also need to get these If You Can Read This Bring Me Champagne Socks to wear on our next flight (coming soon next month on Emirates heading to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and then on to the Maldives). Bring on the champagne baby!

Cheers to drinking a $500 bottle of champagne in Japan Airlines First Class

Cozy beds in Japan Airlines First Class

As parents of energetic and restless children (we have a 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter), traveling on long haul flights can be tortuous and downright exhausting. However, flying first class with young children is a whole other ballgame. It was easy peasy lemon squeezey! The 14+ hour flight on Japan Airlines from NYC to Tokyo went so much smoother than we had imagined. This was the longest flight we’d ever taken with our kids, followed by our 12 hour flight with Turkish Airlines in economy. This was our first time flying in a premium cabin with the kids.  We weren’t sure what to expect, and we were pleasantly surprised. Having beds so the kids could get decent sleep made all the difference. They would have been driving us insane had we flown economy and not been able to get comfortable enough to sleep (believe me, we’ve been there and done that). Beds were a godsend in JAL First Class with kids!

JAL 777 First Class beds

Sleep like a baby in JAL First Class suites

JAL First Class Beverages

We already mentioned the exquisite champagne, but JAL First Class served up a wide range of premium beverages during the flight. We enjoyed delicious Sake, plum wine, Japanese wine, premium tea that is served in a wine glass, hot Green tea and more! The kids sipped on orange juice and milk while we enjoyed our adult beverages. Everyone was happy, and this mom and dad were feeling good, very good! 😉

JAL First Class beverages

Japan Airlines Food in First Class

We love trying cuisine from other cultures and are huge fans of Japanese food. We were so excited to enjoy the delicious Japanese menu in addition to the Western menu for a taste of both. The food was served beautifully and just kept coming! We had 8 courses of the Japanese menu and 4 courses of the Western menu to share and were stuffed by the end of dinner. Fortunately they also had kid-friendly menu options like ramen noodles and burgers for our kids to eat, since they are still picky eaters. They also brought the kids ice cream for dessert. We all scream for ice cream!

Japan Airlines First Class Dining

One of our favorite features of Japan Airlines First Class suites was the setup that allowed us to dine together. The bench that doubles as a footrest became my seat for a first class dinner date with my sexy husband. We always share meals when we go out to eat at restaurants, so being able to dine together allowed us to do the same on the flight. Bertaut ordered the Japanese menu and I ordered the Western menu, and then we shared and got to enjoy both together. It was fantastic and surprisingly romantic, despite our preschooler son being in the next seat over.  He was too busy watching movies and munching on Ramen noodles to notice that his parents were having way too much fun dining together next door. Cheers to dinner dates in the sky with endless sake and plum wine!

Dine together in JAL First Class

Japan Airlines First Class Amenities

The amenity kits for Japan Airlines in First Class were very generous and useful. The kits by Porsche Design included an eye mask, moisture mask, dental kit, hairbrush, ear plugs, facial tissues, travel facial mist, lip balm, and hand and body cream. Flight attendants also passed out pajama sets and slippers to allow us to slip into something a little more comfortable. We also received Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones to use during the flight (too bad we didn’t get to keep those.) 😉

Amenity kits in JAL First Class by Porsche Design

JAL 777 First Class Bathrooms

The bathrooms in JAL First Class were very nice and clean. They provide dental kits in the bathroom in case you forgot to bring yours. There’s also a thing that flips down from the wall for you to stand on if you won’t want to stand on the bathroom floor. I wouldn’t have noticed it but the flight attendant put it down for me when I went to change into my pajamas.

JAL 777 First Class bathroom

Japan Airlines Service in First Class

The best part about flying first class to Japan with Japan Airlines is the customer service. The flight attendants were amazing! They were extremely friendly, warm, and hospitable and always had smiles on their faces. They went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. They helped us with the kids during the entire flight, from preparing their beds to changing our son back into his clothes before landing. Service on JAL First Class is up there with the best we’ve experienced while flying First Class. We’ve been fortunate to also had the mind-blowing experience of flying Emirates First Class and Lufthansa First Class as well as Etihad Business Class. Check out our reviews of those incredible premium flight experiences, which we also booked with miles and paid only for taxes.

JAL First Class Flight Crew

Japan Airlines Flight Crew

Conclusion of JAL 777 First Class in 10 Photos

Japan Airlines provides an exceptional flight experience on their Boeing 777-300ER in First Class. We loved everything about it, from the cozy suites to friendly service and $500 champagne. Our kids had their first experience flying in a premium cabin, which is no surprise that they also loved it! What’s not to love about having your own TV, bed, and personal service for your every in-flight need? We had a fabulous time flying with Japan Airlines for the first time and visiting Japan for the first time. Check back soon on the blog for a more thorough review of our flight and tips for how we scored such an incredible deal ($19 per person plus 70,000 miles). If you liked this post, please share it and pin it for later. Sign up for our email newsletter for more travel tips and inspiration to explore the world.

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JAL 777 First Class in 10 Photos

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JAL 777 First Class in 10 photos
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