Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Discovering Positano by Sea Aboard Le Sirenuse’s Boat Sant’Antonio

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As Steinbeck famously said, “Positano bites deep”. There is no better way to experience the beauty of Positano than by sea. Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio is the perfect way to see Positano in all its glory. Guests of Le Sirenuse hotel are in for a real treat. They are able to take advantage of daily complimentary excursions on Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio. We enjoyed an excursion which included a stop for swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea, bellinis and lunch at a seaside restaurant. If you stay at Le Sirenuse, make sure to sign up for a free boat excursion. It will be the highlight of your stay!

Le Sirenuse’s Boat Sant’Antonio

Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio is a wooden beauty that takes up to 12 people for complimentary daily excursions from June to September. This gorgeous old fishing boat offers two options for excursions daily, which varies depending on the day of the week. There’s a 2 hour morning trip for swimming in the Mediterranean. In the afternoon they offer a boat trip to lunch at Nerano Bay, which stops for swimming near a grotto. There’s also a sunset cruise with champagne and finger food which allows guests to see the village of Positano light up as the sun goes down. All 3 options sound heavenly. We were able to enjoy the boat trip to lunch. We would’ve also done the sunset cruise but unfortunately it was already fully booked. That one fills up quickly since it is offered only twice each week.

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Complimentary boat excursions for guests of Le Sirenuse are a must-do

Best views of Positano are by sea aboard Le Sirenuse’s boat

As you take off you can’t help but snap tons of photos of the colorful village of Positano. The beautiful homes perched on the cliffs are so picturesque. The turquoise blue water of the Tyrrhenian Sea will take your breath away.

Make sure to hold on to your hat though! I lost my favorite sun hat when a big gust of wind came suddenly. The captain was kind enough to turn the boat around to look for it, but unfortunately we couldn’t find it. No worries, though, as it just gave me reason to go shopping. 😉

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

All smiles aboard Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio

Swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea

After an exhilarating tour along the Amalfi Coast, Le Sirenuse’s boat stops for an afternoon swim. The stop is near the “Cathedral”, which is one of the characteristic grottos of the coast. The cool water is so refreshing on a hot summer day on the Amalfi Coast. Snorkel masks and tubes are provided for guests.

Flying drones off Le Sirenuse’s boat

Bertaut brought his DJI Phantom 4 along for some drone fun during the boat excursion. He was able to capture some beautiful photos and video footage of the gorgeous coast while on our boat trip. He even pulled out his handy new trick- landing the drone straight into his hands. I was impressed.

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Bring your drone aboard Le Sirenuse’s boat for some incredible footage of the Amalfi Coast

Romantic vibes flow on Le Sirenuse’s boat

You can’t help but feel the romance in the air when aboard Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio. The ambience is divine with the breeze blowing through your hair and the sun warming your skin. You may get swept off your feet for a long hot kiss on the deck.

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Feeling the love on Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio

Cheers to complimentary bellinis

We love some bubbly, especially when it’s free! Le Sirenuse spoils its guests with complimentary drinks onboard its boat excursions.  Cheers to bellinis by sea! I (Alexis) gotta admit, I felt like a princess that day drinking my champagne cocktail while cruising the Amalfi Coast. It’s an experience we will never forget!

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Enjoying complimentary bellinis on Le Sirenuse’s boat

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Chillin’ like a villain onboard Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio

Lunch at Nerano Bay

After swimming and drinks, Le Sirenuse’s boat drops guests off at seaside restaurants for lunch on their own. We took the advice of the concierge and opted for Lo Scoglio, which was very good and reasonably priced. They feature farm-fresh produce and fresh seafood delivered daily by their fisherman.

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio lunch excursion

Lo Scoglio is a great lunch option for the boat trip to Nerano Bay

We had a local pasta speciality with zucchini and a filet of fish, both of which were mouthwatering. We also savored a bottle of local white wine which was refreshing and delightful.

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio Lunch excursion

Seaside lunch at Lo Scoglio as part of Le Sirenuse’s boat excursion

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio Lunch excursion

Local pasta speciality with zucchini at Lo Scoglio

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio lunch stop

Fresh fish served in a lemon butter caper sauce at Lo Scoglio

We enjoyed seeing the servers pick live crustaceans out of the fountain to cook up fresh for diners. We can’t remember what they are called, but they look like lobster.

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio stops at Nerano Bay for lunch

Fresh seafood at Lo Scoglio

We savored our meal until the boat was ready to take us back to Positano. What an incredibly relaxing day on the sea!

Arrivederci to Le Sirenuse’s boat

After a heavenly day soaking up the sun while cruising the Amalfi Coast, we made our way back to Positano to disembark. The afternoon boat trip to Nerano Bay takes 4-5 hours, so set aside much of your day for this must-do activity at Le Sirenuse.

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio offers the best views of Positano

Make sure to sign up in advance since spaces are limited.  You don’t want to miss this excursion. Wear your swimsuit and don’t forget your sunscreen. After cleaning up from your boat trip we recommend watching the sunset at Le Sirenuse’s Champagne & Oyster Bar. A DJ spins live music and the ambience could not get any better.

After Le Sirenuse's boat excursion, enjoy the Champagne & Oyster Bar

Champagne & Oyster Bar at Le Sirenuse is perfect for sunset in Positano

Enjoy your time on the Amalfi Coast and at the impeccable Le Sirenuse. For more about this luxury hotel, read our thorough hotel review of Le Sirenuse, details about breakfast at Le Sirenuse, and how to stay at Le Sirenuse for free.

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Positano By Sea On Le Sirenuse's Boat

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Discovering Positano by Sea Aboard Le Sirenuse’s Boat Sant’Antonio
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