Costa Rica Wildlife: 10 Reasons to visit Diamante Animal Sanctuary

By: | September 19th, 2017 | 2 Comments


Costa Rica is famous for its lush tropical forests full of exotic animals. When you visit Costa Rica, you can’t leave without getting up close to some of the beautiful creatures native to this land. Costa Rica wildlife varies from innocent butterflies and friendly toucans to venomous snakes and giant crocodiles. A great (and safe) […]

Best zipline in Costa Rica at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

A Day at Diamante Eco Adventure Park on Costa Rica’s Best Zipline

By: | September 8th, 2017 | 0 Comment


Ziplining in Costa Rica is a bucket list item and must-do activity for thrill-seekers and the adventurous. There are so many ziplines in Costa Rica so it can be hard to decide which one to try. We didn’t travel all the way to Costa Rica just to experience an average zipline. No sir. We wanted to experience […]

Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Discovering Positano by Sea Aboard Le Sirenuse’s Boat Sant’Antonio

By: | August 20th, 2017 | 0 Comment


As Steinbeck famously said, “Positano bites deep”. There is no better way to experience the beauty of Positano than by sea. Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio is the perfect way to see Positano in all its glory. Guests of Le Sirenuse hotel are in for a real treat. They are able to take advantage of daily […]

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