Le Sirenuse's boat Sant'Antonio

Discovering Positano by Sea Aboard Le Sirenuse’s Boat Sant’Antonio

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As Steinbeck famously said, “Positano bites deep”. There is no better way to experience the beauty of Positano than by sea. Le Sirenuse’s boat Sant’Antonio is the perfect way to see Positano in all its glory. Guests of Le Sirenuse hotel are in for a real treat. They are able to take advantage of daily […]

How to stay for free at Amalfi Coast resort Le Sirenuse

How to Stay at Le Sirenuse (Best Boutique Hotel in Positano) for Free in a $1900 Suite

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Best boutique hotel in Positano: Le Sirenuse Looking for the best boutique hotel in Positano? Or perhaps are you wondering where to stay in Positano on a budget? Well we can help you with both of those criteria- luxury for less. That’s our specialty. How would you like to stay in a 5 stay luxury hotel […]

Amalfi Coast resort Le Sirenuse: Best boutique hotel Positano

The Most Luxurious Amalfi Coast Resort: Le Sirenuse

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Why choose this Amalfi Coast resort? If you’re looking for the best Amalfi Coast resort for your trip to Italy, look no further. Le Sirenuse is famed as one of, if not THE MOST LUXURIOUS HOTEL ON THE AMALFI COAST. Le Sirenuse hotel delivers much more than luxury. The resort feels like home away from […]

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