We are Bertaut and Alexis, and we love to travel like a millionaire without spending a fortune. We travel every chance we get while Bertaut works full-time and Alexis stays home to raise our wild little munchkins. Traveling is our way to unwind, refresh, keep the sparks flying in our marriage, and expose our children to new cultures and places. We manage somehow to make time for couple travels as well as family travels, as both are very important.

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How can we afford to travel so much?

So you must be thinking, this sounds expensive, how can they do all that with 2 young children? We look for ways to fly for free using reward programs, stay in luxury suites using points, dine in 5-star restaurants for free using hotel elite status perks, and even save on admission to museums and other activities with programs like groupon.

In full disclosure, we have to spend money to travel like a millionaire, but not nearly as much as you would think. It takes time to figure out how to do these things, but we are here to share our tips with you. We hope to show our followers sharing our passion for travel that it is indeed possible to raise a family, hold a full-time job, and still travel the world in style while staying on a budget and getting the best value for your money. Work hard and play harder, because YOLO!

What is it like to travel with young kids?

Traveling with young children offers its fair share of challenges with plenty of “Why the hell did we do this?” moments. Yet, we always end up glad that we did take them. It is rewarding watching our kids marvel at unfamiliar sites, meet people from different cultures, taste strange new foods, hear and speak other languages, and discover alternative ways of living. We love to see them soak up everything like sponges and try to make sense of what they are feeling. It amazes us the things they remember and talk about from our vacations, even at such young ages. We have no doubt that these experiences are making them more intelligent, well-rounded, cultured and empathic children.

Why do you travel without the kids sometimes?

We started taking an anniversary vacation a few years ago without the kids and have never looked back. Now we squeeze in a few kid-free vacations every year. This gives us the chance to reconnect while our kids spend quality time with family. If you’re a parent and haven’t done this yet, go for it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our travel blog. We can’t wait to share our travels, tips for traveling like a millionaire for less, and crazy stories about traveling with preschoolers. We invite you to subscribe to our RSS feed and email newsletter for new blog posts and travel tips, follow us on social media, and leave comments and questions. Please share about your own adventures and experiences. Stay tuned for more amazing adventures. Bon voyage!

Bertaut & Alexis

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